Your Custom Designer Home Journey

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Have you been thinking about working with Leafe Designer Homes for a new custom home?

Designer homes in Brisbane allow you freedom, flexibility, and control over what features you can have, how your house can fit your lifestyle, and even what can be accomplished while staying within your budget range.

The key to your journey boils down to having a dedicated team committed to a collaborative process, supporting homeowners every step of the way.

Let’s consider how that process works.

The First Meeting

A custom build must start somewhere, and for Leafe Designer Homes, that meeting takes place on site whether the land is cleared or you are doing a knock down and rebuild. Without an initial meeting at the property, you may run into complications down the road. It’s best to look over the land to see if any issues may impact construction. This meeting is also when homeowners can discuss their wish list and preliminary budget.

Begin With Your Furnishings

The easiest place to start when creating a modern industrial look is to add furnishings with the qualities you find appealing. For instance, if you are drawn to the cool, gray metallic features, swap out a current bookshelf for one that is constructed of metal and wood, replace your table with a metal one or change out your lights and floor lamps. You might consider starting with one room in the house. Experiment with that room. You can begin with the area you like the least now or the smallest room in the house, such as a bathroom, or the place that gets the most traffic. Regardless of your approach, starting with one space gives you the freedom to explore until you discover the vibe you want to create. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel you have created, move on to the next space.

Enter the Draftsman

After the homeowners sign the initial agreement, a draftsman who is part of the company’s team meets with you to go over details and make suggestions. This is an information gathering session to give homeowners a chance to consider the design elements they want or have not yet thought about with the person who can tailor plans to fit those elements. After this discussion, the homeowners can meet with the draftsman as often as they like throughout the building process to finalize plans, get updates, or review any changes.

A Plan of Action

From the draftsman meeting with homeowners comes the preliminary plan. At this stage, you should receive a thorough explanation of building costs from materials to labor as well as flexible construction time frames. This step involves back and forth communication for amendments and reviews. The preliminary plans can go back and forth among the draftsman, the homeowner, and the rest of the team that builds designer homes in Brisbane so that everyone can share input.

The Seal of Approval

After all the details have been hammered out, the draftsman should have produced a finished set of working drawings that the builders can work from. This final plan goes to the homeowner for approval. The builder may also conduct a soil test and work on foundation and structural engineering factors to ensure the site is ready to go once paperwork is complete.

The Bottom Line

Once you have received and approved the set of drawings, you can expect your final price quote. This step may take up to three weeks to work with vendors and suppliers of materials and determine any extra costs. This quote is a good-faith practice that is an essential part of how Leafe Designer Homes maintains transparency and communication. Homeowners should expect a fixed price to detail each expense and not get hit later with hidden fees.

The Go-Ahead

Once you approve the final price quote, it’s time to sign the master contract. This stage includes an initial deposit invoice as well as lodging the necessary building permits with council. With all the ducks in a row, construction on your new custom home can begin. Your journey isn’t over, though. You can schedule site visits to check on progress, talk with your draftsman to understand more about your home design, and meet with interior designers to customize interior fixtures from flooring to hardware, color palettes, and other finishing touches.

Leafe Designer Homes is not just dedicated to expert designer homes in Brisbane, but we are also committed to homeowner satisfaction. We want each stage of your custom home journey to exceed your expectations and reduce your stress until the day you move in and begin life in your dream home.