Double Storey or Single Storey Home – What’s Right For You?

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One of the crucial design decisions facing many new home buyers in Brisbane is whether to build a single or double-storey house. It may seem like a straightforward decision now, but those thinking into the future need to plan for their family’s needs in years to come.

The Pros and Cons of the Double Storey vs. the Single Storey

There are many pros when it comes to building a custom designed double storey home including the optimal use of space, better privacy and views. Among the cons are the additional build costs, accessibility issues and  increased heating and cooling costs.

The pros of the single storey are that the cost to build is lower, the home is easier to maintain, and has less environmental impact . The cons are that there is less living space and sometimes less kerb appeal.

Double Storey or Single Storey – Which One is Right for You?

Living in a two storey house can offer many benefits over living in a single storey house. A double storey house is more spacious and can often accommodate more people and more activities than a single storey home.

Double storey homes typically feature the living area and kitchen on the ground floor and bedrooms and bathrooms on the second storey. Single storey homes have all living areas and bedrooms on one level, making them ideal easily accessible for people with mobility issues.

The home design is not the only factor that you need to take into account when you’re planning to build your dream home. You also need to think about the size of the block. The size of your block will help determine if you get a double storey or single storey house.

A two storey house is often built on a larger block, for example an acreage block, so it has more space for bedrooms and living spaces on the second floor. A single storey house can be built on any size block, but it will have less space than a double storey house because there is no second floor.

How to Plan Your Perfect Double-Storey Home Layout

There are many factors that need to be considered when planning your perfect double-storey home layout. The most important factor is the number of bedrooms you want, as this will determine how many rooms you need to fit into your floorplan. You should also consider how much living space you want and what type of lifestyle you lead before deciding on your home.

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