How to choose a custom home builder?

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So you’re looking at building a custom home? The next step is to choose the builder who will take your great ideas and turn them into a reality. There are 6 key factors you can think about when finding a builder who can turn your dream custom home into reality.

Price, budget and builder transparency

There are many design and construction considerations that affect custom home project costs, and it’s good to know about them early to avoid problems later.  Choosing a builder that has fixed pricing, and provides full transparency is key. 

At Leafe Designer Homes, we give our clients piece of mind by having fixed pricing construction costs. We provide you with a copy of all receipts and price supporting documents for the selections you have made. This allows you to see how your money has been spent. We also provide you with our pricing so you know there is no double dipping on the gap between trade and retail price.

2. Quality of custom home

One of the key factors when choosing a custom home builder is the quality of workmanship. The quality of the build and skill of the builder can be seen through building material choice and the interior products e.g. outfitted with brands that you know and trust? 

Great custom built homes will have quality craftsmanship, attention for detail and immaculate finishes.  It’s always beneficial to see portfolios or examples of the builder’s prior work. This will help ascertain whether they are capable of building you a well-designed home. 

At Leafe, we have an eye for detail and a perfectionist nature. We use high-quality materials, ensure high-quality finishes and are diligent in our workmanship. We also have a portfolio of our prior work to showcase the quality of our custom homes.  

3. Home styles, preferences and flexibility

The flexibility of a custom home is hard to beat and working with a builder that suits your style and preferences is key.  At Leafe we believe it’s important to give you the freedom to live your way.  We believe you and your family deserves the best, and there is no better way to get the home of your dreams than to design it yourself.  The design, colours, appliances, and extras are all up to you; it’s your home after all!

4. Builder location

Most builders have areas where their pricing is most competitive, so it’s helpful to choose a builder that has experience building in your proposed area.  At Leafe, we are experts in building custom homes throughout Brisbane, Brisbane Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands and Cleveland.  If you are looking to build a custom home in these areas, contact us to find out how we can help.

5. Know the block your building on

While jumping straight into designing and building your home is exciting, don’t forget the land you are building on. A good builder will be able to help you select a design that will work with your specific land shape or size. 

At Leafe, our custom homes are designed to sit perfectly on their block; we have never come across a site too challenging or one where we haven’t been able to achieve an exceptional outcome.

6. Client support

Building your dream home is one of the biggest and exciting investments of your life. In this process it’s helpful to find a builder who can provide support throughout the build,  giving you reassurance and ease of mind. 

Finding a builder that delivers quality service through onsite meetings, consultations and progress reports will help build trust during your home build experience.  The key to your custom home journey boils down to having a dedicated team committed to a collaborative process, supporting homeowners every step of the way.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we are happy to do regular onsite meet ups during business hours.  Call us at any point through the construction, and we’ll organise to meet you onsite for a walk around and Q&A session.  With regular building reports and updates you’ll never have to wonder about what is happening with your build.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with Ryan Leafe, our company director who personally consults on all new builds.

If you want to build your dream custom home in Brisbane, Brisbane South Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands or Cleveland call Ryan Leafe on 07 3488 0055 get in contact with us here.