All-Inclusive Guide to Knock Down Rebuild Brisbane

As time passes and your lifestyle changes, the home you are living in starts to outgrow you and your family’s needs. A knockdown rebuild Brisbane provides you with the opportunity to create your dream home while staying in the location you love

Knockdown rebuilds are especially suited to growing families as they help deliver the space everyone needs. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Knockdown Rebuild Brisbane process – Leafe Designer Homes can help you every step of the way.

1. Knockdown rebuild – what is it?

Building your dream home doesn’t have to mean you have to suffer through finding and purchasing another piece of land and leaving your neighbourhood behind. A knockdown rebuild is a perfect solution for this and it’s as simple as it sounds – your builder, Leafe Designer Homes, will demolish your existing structure, prepare the land for your new build and construct your new custom-designed home. This custom-designed approach allows you to modify the design to suit your lifestyle and household needs whilst staying in the area you know and love.

Knockdown rebuild Brisbane has become an increasingly popular build process in Australia; according to the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA), almost a third of new homes have undergone the knockdown rebuild process.

2. What’s the knockdown rebuild process?

At Leafe Designer Homes, we aim for all our knockdown rebuild Brisbane projects to be as easy and seamless as possible for our clients. Your new knockdown rebuild project will start with a meeting with our team for a site assessment. This will allow us to analyse the state of your site, the appropriate planning and council requirements and limits, prospective service connections, as well as any obstacles that could emerge.

We can then begin brainstorming your dream home design taking into account your objectives, personal preferences, and important features. The Leafe Designer Homes team can walk you through all the inclusions and fixtures for your new home from tapware to tiles, we are here to help you select the perfect style and feel for your forever home.

Prior to the demolition of your existing structure, our staff will organise all necessary licences and approvals from the local council, as well as ensuring your construction complies with council and planning requirements and managing all documents.
Once the final permits have been arranged and the materials have been ordered, it is time to begin the demolition and construction process! Throughout the process of your new home build, we will keep you up to speed and arrange site visits as needed. After the work is finished, our staff will walk you through the project to make sure you’re happy before handing over the keys.


3. The benefits of a knockdown rebuild

You have been driven out of the market by rising sales prices and demand.

With the strong demand and even higher prices we are now witnessing right across Brisbane and South East Queensland, selling your house and purchasing a new one can be a challenging undertaking. Existing house values continue to rise, and more individuals are opting to stay in their current residences due to the current lack of available land in the majority of big cities.

Your site is difficult.

Maybe you have a large tree that was planted years ago and whose roots are now ruining your plumbing? Or perhaps you’re situated on a sloping block that must adhere to special construction regulations?

Without having to make compromises on building a modern home with all the amenities you want, knockdown rebuilds are a terrific option to have a home constructed to your own specifications.

Your family’s demands are evolving.

It could be time to think about how you want your house to appear in the future, regardless of whether your family is expanding, or your kids are “flying the nest.” A brand-new house in a place you adore may be the ideal opportunity to support your way of life and the memories you want to create there.

For instance, you could desire an energy-efficient, modern house with outdoor eating areas for balmy summer evenings or larger living spaces for celebrating your family’s accomplishments.

Not a big fan of remodelling

Renovations are infamous for going over schedule, going over budget, and adding a tonne of stress to your life. Many improvements are priced based on the house’s “bones” being in excellent condition.

Sadly, this is just not the case all too frequently. By beginning from scratch, you may eliminate the possibility of unexpected expenses and prevent budget overruns. By investing in a knock-down, rebuild-from-scratch project instead, you may save money, time, and a tonne of worry.

You desire a custom property made to suit your preferences.

Do you need a lot of storage, are you looking for a certain feature or finish, or have you even had blueprints made up?

The appropriate builder can make your ideal house a reality rather than making you spend days, months, or even years looking high and low. A demolition and rebuild with a respected and skilled new home builder includes building excellent bespoke houses, constructed to your requirements, within an agreed-upon time schedule and budget.

You wish to remain in your current neighbourhood.

When deciding whether or not to take down and rebuild, minimising family disturbance might be a major consideration. After years of living in a suburb and building a pattern, it’s only natural to feel extremely devoted to it.

A knock-down rebuild will allow you to stay in your current neighbourhood, eliminating the need to change schools, adjust schedules around going to work, or re-establish the family in a new area. Stay near to family and friends in a place you enjoy and construct a home to match.

You can read our ‘Knock Down & Rebuild Instead of Compromising’ blog to find out more benefits to the knockdown rebuild process.

4. The common mistakes you can avoid

Not taking into account the time it takes for council approvals

If you need to get permission from the local council before you can start construction, this might cause delays. Councils are usually required to make decisions on planning/development permits within 60 days. A planning permission application, on the other hand, might take a longer time to be authorised. As a result, you should allow plenty of time to get the necessary licences and applications before beginning the destruction of your present home.

Not considering temporary storage and accommodation

While most people realise that while your house is being demolished and rebuilt, you will need to find alternate living arrangements, many people, forget to factor in storage for their existing appliances, furniture, and other belongings while planning their move.
To avoid blowing out on unforeseen costs, you should include in the cost of temporary housing and storage into your budget (or home loan request).

Not selecting an experienced and reputable builder

Builders aren’t all made equal. Unfortunately, the majority of horror stories you hear from homeowners renovating or building a new house revolve around their builder selection. You’ll need to agree to a contract with a builder, and they’ll be in charge of adhering to the appropriate standards and codes as part of their construction licence.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we encourage you to have a look through our gallery to see examples of our previous work and don’t hesitate to call us so we can guarantee we are the best fit for you and your project.

5. How long does the process take?

“How long does a knockdown rebuild take?” is a question that many homeowners and renovators have. In a nutshell, the answer is 8-12 months. However, there’s a lot more to that basic timetable than you may imagine. Several elements can influence the project’s duration, so it’s important to be aware of potential issues that could delay development.

The biggest influence on this is the size of your block and build, and the style of your home. For example, constructing a single-story home with limited customisations will take significantly less time than constructing a two-story home with a complicated set of blueprints and architectural changes.

Other impacts on the process duration include weather conditions, land or soil issues, financial delays, design changes, plumbing and power connectivity, insufficient materials, and the overall project complexity.

6. What are the cost of a knockdown rebuild?

Knockdown rebuilds, which are both cost-effective and time-efficient, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the inner suburbs of big cities. While a home remodel may appear to be less scary, it really has a larger chance of unexpected expenses, delays, and building issues. The cost of a knock-down rebuild is very subjective, since it is determined on the size of your present home and the home you’d like to construct. It’s crucial to know what kinds of fees you’ll face during the process so you can properly plan for this life-altering choice. Read all about the costs associated with a knockdown rebuild Brisbane.


Thinking of building a knockdown rebuild?

A knock down rebuild is a great option to stay in your neighbourhood while getting more room, new fixtures, and a better floorplan and design while staying on budget.

We are knock down rebuild professionals at Leafe Designer Homes, and we can ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Want to work with Leafe Designer Homes to design and plan your custom acreage designer home? We build throughout Brisbane, Brisbane South Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands and Cleveland; you can view our recent acreage build in Wakerley here for some inspiration.

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