How to design & build an eco-friendly acreage home

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So you’ve bought an acreage block to live closer to nature, but how do you build a home that’s sustainable and at one with nature? Eco-friendly homes are growing in demand as people are becoming more conscious of impacts to the environment.

The benefit of building a custom home is that it can be as eco-friendly as you desire. Your builder can work with you to create an eco-friendly acreage build without compromising on design. Acreage blocks are the best for eco-friendly builds as they can utilise everything nature has to offer and incorporate it into the design.

Acreage homes are not constrained by narrow blocks, so your build can be completely open to the landscape. There are a few design elements to a custom home that can enhance it’s eco-friendly and sustainable impact.

Include Efficient Elements in your Acreage Build

There are some great inclusions you can incorporate into your build to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. These include double glazed windows, low VOC paints, high-grade insulation, ceiling fans and efficient water fixtures. Ceiling fans are great in summer to keep the home cool and what many people may not know is that they are also great in winter. In the colder months, ceiling fans push down hot air gathering near the ceilings to keep you warm.

Acreage Design for ‘Slow Living’

The Slow Design Movement considers custom home builds that suit the lives of multi-generational families. Designing a home that can work and last over many generations is a big focus for slow design.

Sustainable features that can help with this begins with the home’s position. On an acreage block, building high on the land can utilise the wind that brings a welcoming cool breeze in summer. Reduce electricity consumption with the design of the roof. The roof angle design can optimise solar panel effectiveness.

A great way to naturally limit heat and protection from rain is through wide eaves.  The eaves are great at keeping the home shaded in the hot summer sun and allow windows to be left open when it rains.

Recycled Materials in your Custom Build

Recycled materials are a great way to build sustainably,  whether it’s sourcing bricks from a skip, or timber from a salvage yard.

If you already have a home on your acreage block and are looking to renovate, it’s a great opportunity to reuse material. While the material will need reworking, it is a wonderful way to build an eco-friendly home. Using recycled material also brings with it wonderful character and charm to your home.

If you are after an eco-friendly, sustainable home, then a custom designed home is perfect for you.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we take into account the land size, the slope, views, solar orientation and the prevailing breezes when building your custom home. We have already seen a rise in popularity for acreage blocks and custom homes in the following areas:

  • Bayridge, Redland Bay
  • Greenway, Hemmant
  • Summit, Hemmant
  • Meridian, Wakerly
  • Parc, Carindale
  • Parc, Thornlands
  • Venn Park, Thornlands
  • Shoreline, Redland Bay

If you want to build your dream eco-friendly acreage home in Brisbane, Brisbane South Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands or Cleveland, get in contact with us here.