About Us

For a great build, you need a trusted builder.

There are certain times in life where you need to trust someone implicitly – the doctor who treats your family, the mechanic who fixes your car, the financial advisor who safeguards your future and the builder who constructs your home.

When you decide to build a home, you entrust your builder with one of your largest assets and let’s face it greatest investments. You need to know that you have chosen a builder who will uncover your needs, listen to your ideas, look out for your interests and create the home that you want to build – one that is designed to suit your lifestyle, land and budget.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we take our role as your builder seriously and are dedicated to helping you build a home you can truly call your own. For us, building is more than our job, it is our craft, and we have devoted our lives to mastering it. It’s why we only use the highest quality materials, which are locally sourced where possible and have a hand-picked team of highly experienced draftsmen, builders, tradesman, and interior designers who are all dedicated to excellence in their field.

What can you expect from working with Leafe Designer Homes?
  • The freedom to live your way – Design, colours, appliances and extras are all up to you; it’s your home after all!
  • Fixed price construction costs – No hidden fees, no surprise extras and no pricing first home buyers out of the market.
  • Complete transparency – To give you peace of mind we provide you with a copy of all receipts and price supporting documents for the selections you have made in the Budgets and Allowances section of the contract. This allows you to see how your money has been spent. We also provide you with our pricing so you know there is no double dipping on the gap between trade and retail price.
  • Site visits at times that suit you – We are happy to do regular onsite meet ups during business hours. Call your site supervisor at any point through the construction, and we’ll organise to meet you onsite for a walk around and Q&A session.
  • State of the art workmanship – With an eye for detail and a perfectionist nature we use high-quality materials, ensure high-quality finishes and are diligent in our workmanship.
  • Open and regular communication – With regular building reports and updates you’ll never have to wonder about what is happening with your build. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with Ryan Leafe, our company director who personally consults on all new builds.
  • No false promises or marketing ploys – You know the ones. The promises of remarkable upgrades and extras that lure you in only for you to find out later that it’s built into the price or not quite what you thought? There’s none of that with us. Instead we build the home you want, with the inclusions you want for a fair and reasonable price.
Meet your builder

But don’t just take our word for it, take a peek inside some of the homes we’ve built by viewing our projects or give us a call on 07 3488 0055 to discuss the home you want to build.