Knock Down & Rebuild Instead of Compromising

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The knockdown rebuild approach is a strategy for homeowners who want to increase the size, layout, and features of their home without having to move.

This option is perfect for those who want to stay in the same neighbourhood but want something bigger or with more features. The process starts by knocking down your current home and then rebuilding a new one in its place.

With this option, you get the best of both worlds: a custom-built home in an established neighbourhood that meets your needs perfectly.

Factors to Consider in Brisbane

When looking for a new house, there are many factors to consider. Especially when you take into account the location, the house design and the room configuration and aesthetic. It might be difficult to know what you need and what you can live without when there are so many different house designs to choose from. Every family has its own set of unique needs, and for many, their ideal home may be a custom-built home to their specific requirements.

This was certainly the experience for one of our clients in South East Brisbane.  They spent a long time looking for a home to buy in their ideal suburb. There were plenty of older style homes on the market at the time, but they couldn’t seem to find a modern home that suited their requirements and taste. Sustainable design and an abundance of natural light – both inside the home and in the outdoor entertaining areas – were key features of their ideal design.

Custom Built to Achieve the Perfect Home

They realised that to achieve the perfect home, they needed to select a block of land they loved and demolish an old house in order to build their own custom designed home.

Generally, a knockdown rebuild is more affordable than renovating an old house, as structural changes cannot usually be made and old utilities such as sewer, water and electricity are not necessarily replaced in a renovation.

Making the decision to undertake a knockdown rebuild with Leafe Designer Homes gave our clients a fresh perspective when looking at homes. The family found the right sized block of land in a location that suited them. They teamed up with Leafe Designer Homes to design and build a custom home that included space for everyone, as well as unique features that made the house perfect for their lifestyle.

To learn more about building a custom designed home in Brisbane’s South East Suburbs, visit our Knock Down Rebuild page.


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