Build A Home Your Way

At Leafe Designer Homes we believe your home build should be as individual as you are. Our custom designed homes give you the ability to get exactly what you want from your build.

Working collaboratively with you, our highly experienced draftsmen, builders, tradesman, and interior designers work alongside you to make sure you have the design you want for the block you have and lifestyle you desire.

So how do we do it?
Here is the process we go through to build a home to suit
your needs, lifestyle, block and budget.

Initial meeting onsite


Here we discuss your lifestyle, ideas, budget and goals and answer any questions you have. We explain our philosophy and what we can do to achieve your goals. We do this meeting onsite to get a greater understanding and appreciation for the land and discuss any aspects of the land that will impact design.

Brief our draftsman


We take the results of our initial meeting and brief our draftsman. At this time you’ll receive a services agreement and a plan drawing deposit. When returned, the draftsman will make a time to meet up and discuss the design points in finer detail with you. The draftsman can also meet with you along the design journey to discuss the plans and make sure you are on track to getting the home you want.

Preliminary plans complete


Our designer will then produce the first set of preliminary plans generally within a week for review. Once reviewed any requested amendments will be made and the plans will be sent back for further review. At this time we will also offer price guidance on what we expect the building costs will be before proceeding.

Plan approval


When you have approved the plans, we begin working on the complete set of working drawings. We also book a soil test and lodge the structural and foundation engineering.

Fixed price quote


We send the working drawings to you for review and then compile a fixed price quote (please note this can take up to three weeks).

Quote approved


When you have approved the quote, we sign the Master Builders contract, issue a deposit invoice, lodge with the council and start construction!

Don’t have land yet?

Don’t worry! We can help with that too. Leveraging our real estate contacts, we’ll work alongside you to find the best block for your needs and home design.

Found the land but need to knock down and rebuild?

Let’s face it sometimes the best land is already occupied by a home that is too old, not practical or not to your liking. We have done many a ‘knock down and rebuild’ over the years and can manage the whole process for you to ensure you get the land and home you want.

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Want a pool?

In sunny Queensland, a pool is almost a necessity! We’re quite the perfectionists when it comes to pool design and construction, ensuring that all of the tiles line up from the front door to around the pool. If you like, you can check out some of the photos in our projects area.

By engaging us to do your pool as well you have the benefit of dealing with the one person, the one company throughout your entire build. You can also have the confidence knowing that your pool certification has been organised as part of your build.

Find out just how exciting and enjoyable building your home can be.
Call us today on 07 3488 0055 or email

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