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Don’t let a sloping block deter you from the area you love! Create a custom designed home uniquely tailored to the contours of your sloping site. 

If you’ve found the perfect site for your dream home in an ideal location with great views but are concerned of the challenges of a sloping block, we can create a beautiful custom designed home that compliments your site.  

A sloping block allows our team at Leaf Designer Homes to be more creative when designing your custom home. Whether your land rises from the road, falls from the road or slopes across the block, we can determine the best custom design for your site; and it’s much easier and more affordable than you might think. 

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Our experienced team of builders will turn your sloping block into your custom designed dream home

Many blocks in Brisbane, Redlands and the surrounding areas with mild to steep slopes may seem too challenging and expensive to build on. We custom design split level and multi-storey homes that can not only create interesting interiors and multiple living areas, but reduces the need for excavation, fill and retaining walls. This can enhance innovative design opportunities as well as reduce cost for you.

The perfect location for your custom home may not be the easiest site.

Sloping blocks can provide opportunities to take advantage of spectacular views and to connect your home with the surrounding natural environment. Our custom builds incorporate comfort and style while working with the slope of your land, instead of against it.

We assess your block and develop a custom design that gives you the best value and solution for your needs. While sloping blocks can present challenges, by working with our team of specialists you are guaranteed to be proud of your designer home. 

Consider a Split Level design for your dream home.

Our Split Level and Multi Storey homes are the perfect solution to bring your dream home to life on a sloping block. Designed to suit your unique needs, your Split Level home can maximise the potential of your block and take advantage of beautiful views, cross-ventilation and layout options  

Don’t let a sloping block deter you from choosing the area you love. All our custom homes are designed to sit perfectly on their block, regardless their shape or slope.

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Leafe Designer Homes designs and builds quality custom homes, tailored specifically to your lifestyle, your land and your budget including custom homes, acreage homes, knock down rebuild projects, homes on narrow blocks and homes on sloping blocks.  We build homes throughout Brisbane, Brisbane Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands and Cleveland.