Meet your builder – Ryan Leafe

If I were to put myself in your shoes, I know that I would want to know more about the builder who I was considering to build my home. After all, it is one of your greatest assets and a place where you will spend significant time with the people you care about.

I often say that construction is in my blood. One grandfather was a carpenter, and the other a boilermaker by trade, and I can still remember how much I enjoyed watching them and my father at work. There was something entrancing about seeing an idea or plan come to fruition and the pride you feel from a job well done.

I became a carpenter by trade and have a steel background, which is a valuable start as a builder as both trades converge seamlessly and have given me the knowledge to ensure we create the best structure for a home. When I turned 24, I got my builders license and built my first home that same year. It was then that I knew I had found my calling.

Along the way I fostered relationships with fellow trades who share our same values and perfectionist nature. This helped Leafe Designer Homes to quickly develop the reputation for high quality, custom-made builds. A reputation my team, and I take very seriously.

All frames are built onsite by carpenters who have been personally trained by me, and many of the tradespeople we use have been working with us for years. Because of this, you’ll often hear our friendly banter during site visits. While I do keep a tightly run site, I also know the benefits of everyone enjoying their work – it’s how I can ensure that we achieve the best design outcome, finishes and atmosphere for you.

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One of the highest honours I have as a builder is getting to know each client and their families, and what they want and need from a home to bring their vision to life. Because I deal with them direct through the building process, we have had the privilege of establishing relationships with clients that go far beyond the build, with many becoming dear friends over the years.

I think this comes down to the way we do business. You’ll find that we’re not ego driven, we don’t believe that there is room for ego in a build that is purely focused on your needs. But you will find that we’re value driven, from the extras we make standard to our level of perfectionism when it comes to workmanship, you’ll see that we make a habit of going above and beyond. We’re also open and transparent in our communication and down to earth in our approach. This means you’ll get the honesty you need through your build without the unnecessary arrogance.

With a passion for the building industry, I enjoy giving back and have successfully trained four apprentices with another two currently working with us. I have also lived in the Redlands all my life and take pride in the area I build in to ensure the mark we leave through each project adds value.

I live here with my family, which includes my wife Melanie, my dog Meeko and my cat Graham (yes, he is grey). When I’m not busy designing, building or managing a site, I explore my other passions, which include farming and beekeeping where I look after 17 hives.

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