Top Tips for Building Custom Acreage Homes

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Building and living on acreage brings the benefits of peace and quiet, fresh air as well as proximity to nature.  At Leafe Designer Homes, we are experienced in building custom acreage homes, and have put together some helpful tips anyone looking to build their dream acreage home. To make the acreage custom home experience enjoyable, it’s useful to consider service access, bushfire zones, wind ratings and building orientation.

Access to Services from Acreage Blocks:

One helpful thing to consider with acreage building is access to services. It’s good to find out whether your land has access to power, water and sewerage. Depending on your location, your options might include water tanks, septic system and home LPG gas bottles. It’s also a good idea to check for phone and NBN service connections to your acreage build. It’s always great to investigate these things early on to avoid surprises.

Bushfire Zones & Wind Ratings:

Building a custom home close to nature brings so many great benefits to rural dwellers. One thing to consider is the exposure to natural elements. This includes Bushfires and Wind. It’s good to identify early if your acreage block is located in a Bushfire Prone Area (BPA). If you are building a custom home in these areas, your build may need special management and specifications. This includes fireproofing materials like fire-rated glass, metal and timbers.

Another element to look out for is wind. If your plan is to build a custom acreage home that’s located in higher altitude, on a ridge or in an exposed area, this is something to consider. These areas may be subject to a higher wind rating, meaning additional measures to strengthen your custom build.

Build Orientation:

One of the great things about building a custom home is the ability to create a home that takes advantage of the block it’s build on.

When building a home from scratch, you can carefully select your floorplan to optimize on your views.  Being able to spend time on the block to note where the sun falls throughout the day can help design a home that takes advantage of this. Everything from window placement to entertainment areas can be custom built to showcase the best an acreage block can offer.

Importance of Selecting a Good Acreage Builder:

It’s important to select a company that has experience with building acreage homes, who can help guide you in designing a home that works harmoniously with your spacious block. Having a builder that has experience in the special conditions acreage blocks require is equally important and can give you piece of mind.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we take into account the land size, the slope, views, solar orientation and the prevailing breezes when building your custom home. We have already seen a rise in popularity for acreage blocks and custom homes in the following areas:

  • Bayridge, Redland Bay
  • Greenway, Hemmant
  • Summit, Hemmant
  • Meridian, Wakerly
  • Parc, Carindale
  • Parc, Thornlands
  • Venn Park, Thornlands
  • Shoreline, Redland Bay

If you want to build your dream custom acreage home in Brisbane, Brisbane South Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs, the Redlands or Cleveland, get in contact with us here.