10 Tips To Make Your New House Feel More Like a Home

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Having a new house constructed is very exciting and can allow you to add personal touches during the design process. Choosing flooring, cabinets and countertops will help you be more involved in a custom build. However, even with these choices you still may not feel totally attached to the house as soon as you move in.

Transitioning to something new is always an evolutionary process and it may take some time to get completely comfortable.

Here are some ideas to quickly make custom homes in Brisbane feel more welcoming. 

Window Coverings 

Bare windows can make a house feel cold and open. Add blinds or shades to add some privacy when it is needed. If possible, have windows measured before closing so installation can happen as soon as you move in. Hang curtains for immediate warmth and splash of colour. 


Nothing can make you feel more unfamiliar than not knowing where things are that you need. Unpacking may not happen in a day, but start with putting commonly used items in their place. Being organised will also make you feel better about relaxing and truly enjoying your new space. 


Sparsely furnished rooms can feel uninviting and cold. Furniture will give a home that more lived-in look. Even if you brought items from your old home, consider picking up a few new pieces as well. This can be as simple as a cozy chair, some new scatter cushions or an accent table. 


Solid white walls make for a clean look but the sterile feel may not appeal to everyone. Painting is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to add color and personalise your home. Wall coverings and wood accents are another alternative to paint. 


Thinking about paint colors makes a good time to consider accent pieces and overall decor themes. This may be bedding sets for the bedroom, pillows and rugs in the living room, or artwork throughout the house. 

Personal Items 

There is no better way to make you attached to your home than by literally seeing yourself in it. Add photos of your family and loved ones. Hang mementos or other personal items from your old house. Soon you will feel more at ease with your new environment. 


Use lighting to add warmth in areas that may feel too harsh. Rugs and throw pillows will absorb sound and soften the feel of a room. Candles or other fragrances will appeal to your senses and provide calm and comfort. 

Outdoor Spaces 

Don’t forget about giving some attention to the outside of your home. Add some chairs to the front porch where you can kick back with a cool drink. Make a sitting area on the patio to provide yet another place to unwind. Add plants and landscaping for a personalised element of nature. 


Bring your family together by involving them in the process. Whether it’s shopping for decorations or painting a room, having everyone part of it ensures that each person starts getting attached to the new surroundings. Also invite extended family over to visit or test out the new kitchen. Telling stories around the dining room table will make it feel like your home in no time at all. 


Finally, invite friends over to see your new place. Being social is a great way to fill your home with laughter and a sense of belonging. Not to mention it will give you a great excuse to stop unpacking and slow down to absorb your hard work. 

It may not be possible – or necessary – to tackle all of these items the first week you move in. Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing everything at once. Enjoy the process of gradually turning your dream house into a beautiful home.