Tips for Adding a Modern Industrial Look to Your Home

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Have you found yourself longing for a new look for your home’s interior, dreaming of creating the industrial feel you see perusing your favorite interior design magazine, but you are not sure where or how to start? When you are ready for a complete makeover, a custom builder in Brisbane can help you make that leap. Until then, it is possible to make small, incremental changes that will freshen up your home’s style with elements of the look you desire.

Creating a modern industrial feel calls upon the raw materials of warehouse features and the nostalgia of vintage colors and furnishings.

Below are a few tips to get you started.

Look for Your Inspiration

A quick search on the Internet for modern industrial interior design will yield numerous results. You might be surprised at the wide range of possibilities you find. Explore a few of these to get an idea of which aspects of the industrial style draw you in the most. Is it the stark, minimalist décor? Perhaps it is the cool metallic elements or the warmth of rich, red exposed bricks. Once you begin to identify what it is you like most about this style, you can start incorporating similar pieces into your home through art, furniture, shelving units and other smaller details. Do not worry about trying to make your space look just like the images you see on the Web; make it your own. If you have plans for a more complete interior renovation, seek the advice of a custom builder in Brisbane. Drawing up plans for a complete remodel, even if it comes at a later stage, can help you to determine what elements you would like to include now.

Begin With Your Furnishings

The easiest place to start when creating a modern industrial look is to add furnishings with the qualities you find appealing. For instance, if you are drawn to the cool, gray metallic features, swap out a current bookshelf for one that is constructed of metal and wood, replace your table with a metal one or change out your lights and floor lamps. You might consider starting with one room in the house. Experiment with that room. You can begin with the area you like the least now or the smallest room in the house, such as a bathroom, or the place that gets the most traffic. Regardless of your approach, starting with one space gives you the freedom to explore until you discover the vibe you want to create. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel you have created, move on to the next space.

Tackle Larger Design Elements

Once you are certain the modern industrial style is right for you, you can begin to tackle those larger design elements, such as exposed brick walls and piping, concrete flooring, or new windows. At this point, it might be incredibly useful to hire a custom builder in Brisbane. With an expert’s guidance, you can be confident that you will end up with a space that meets with your expectations. Without such assistance and expertise in design and construction, you might find that taking on the larger scale remodeling projects that industrial design can entail to be overwhelming, especially if you have not had prior experience in home renovations.

The modern industrial style can give your home a new and edgy look. Its appeal is in the raw materials and minimalist features that can make a home appear more open and airier, yet it also is versatile enough to bring a sense of warmth and coziness to a space as well. If you are uncertain where to start, there are ample websites out there to give you ideas. Armed with inspiration, you can then begin to experiment until you discover your own unique spin before undertaking a larger renovation to create the home of your dreams.