The Complete Guide to an Acreage Home Build

The vast open spaces, fresh air, and blue skies of an acreage lifestyle have a certain allure. At Leafe Designer Homes, we’d love to assist you in building your custom designed acreage home in Brisbane, the Redlands and Cleveland.

When designing an acreage custom home build, there are a few key differences in the planning and thought process that will impact the rest of the build.

Differences with Acreage Home Builds:

Completely Customisable Floorplan

The beauty of acreage home builds is the luxury of space, the space to design your completely custom floorplan designed to suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether it be a spacious kitchen, an additional media room, a study with a view or an activities room, acreage home builder Brisbane, Leafe Designer Homes can help you choose your ideal floorplan. Expansive outdoor entertaining areas that flow into the kitchen or main hub of the home make the most of a rural block design along with the addition of a pool if desired. The benefits of a custom home builder on an acreage block is the ability to maximise the space for your family and lifestyle.

Embracing Nature

Acreage blocks bring the existing nature to the forefront, an experienced builder will highlight the surrounding natural elements and bring the outdoors in with carefully planned floorplan arrangement, use of natural materials within the home and in the exterior façade. Embracing the blocks connection to nature in the use of materials and space will ensure you feel connected to the lush landscape you have immersed your home in.


Finally, one of the most significant benefits of building on an acreage is the option to choose the optimum orientation for your home. Consider which rooms in your home you’d like to be protected from the hot Summer sun, and which rooms would benefit from the cooler Winter sun. These choices will help you lower your living expenditures (such as heating and cooling) by maximising energy efficiency and making your home more comfortable to live in.

The best possible orientation must also exploit the locations scenic views. It’s a delicate balance to arrange the floorplan placement to take advantage of all natural elements and maximise energy efficiency, comfort, and enjoyment. Here at Leafe Designer Homes, we are a specialist acreage home builder Brisbane, and we can help evaluate these factors and decide on the best orientation for your build.

Storage, Storage, Storage

One of the key difficulties with living on a smaller block is the lack of space for the most important things. Families and individuals collect a lot of random items which don’t necessarily have a home in a smaller house. With the luxury of space afforded by an acreage home build, comes the ability to add storage for everything from your Christmas tree, old files or bikes and fishing equipment. Whatever it may be, acreage homes can be designed with storage maximisation in mind to ensure you and your household have plenty of space for all your belongings, eliminating the clutter of a full and busy home.

Suiting your Lifestyle

An acreage build is not just about suiting your lifestyle, it’s also about developing your lifestyle. Acreage blocks are often in more rural areas, the benefit being that the communities are quite close-knit and tend to look out for and get to know each other. This kind of lifestyle is great for kids and pets with quite streets and friendly faces wherever they roam, and on such a large block, the kids will have plenty of space to explore and exercise. The benefit of the space is also seen in the home with more than enough space for additional bedrooms and spacious living and dining areas ideal for entertaining. A large kitchen with a butler’s pantry and a large outdoor or indoor dining table is an entertainer’s dream whilst the contrary offers the space for everyone to have their own space.

Why the Right Builder is Essential for Designing an Acreage Home:

When it comes to building on an acreage or property, choosing an experienced and educated builder is critical. Despite the fact that you won’t be restricted by space, you’ll need a professional builder to assist you maximise your interior and outdoor spaces and create a natural flow in your home layout to suit your new lifestyle.

In addition, your builder must be able to adapt your chosen design to the local environment, which may include slope gradients, land zoning regulations, special and remote access, and high wind or bushfire zones. These are unique circumstances that can only be found on acreage lots, which your typical suburban home builder will be unfamiliar with. To minimise any unnecessary time and money blowouts, your builder must verify that they meet local council as well as state criteria.

At Leafe Designer Homes, we are a specialist custom home builder Brisbane and we collaborate with you, our highly skilled draughtsmen, builders, tradespeople, and interior designers to research and comprehend your acreage block. To ensure you have the right custom designed home for your chosen block, we take into account the land size, slope, vistas, solar orientation, and prevailing winds.

Thinking of building an acreage home?

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